500 students & 24 hours of ideas, hacking, designing, music, & more. Welcome to the largest university hackathon in North Texas.

Create what you're into. 24 hours of hacking & design — or mixing, learning, building games, creating concepts, and more.

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  • HackUTD is open to everyone, everywhere 18+! (or 16+ if you're a student at UT Dallas). 
  • Team sizes of up to 4


To be elligible for prizes, submissions must:

  • Be created by teammates entirely during HackUTD, from 12pm Saturday March 26th to 12pm Sunday March 27th
  • Be created by a team physically present at HackUTD
  • External resources may be used (such as reference books, online resources, etc.) but the material submitted must be the work of the team alone
  • Third party libraries and APIs are allowed as long as they are available to the public or other HackUTD participants
  • We strongly discourage working off of your past existing projects. To be fair to other participants, please note in your submission if you are using old code.


Dr. Gopal Gupta

Dr. Gopal Gupta
Head of the CS Department, The University of Texas at Dallas

Zulfi Ahmed

Zulfi Ahmed
Senior Vice President IT Risk, MetLife

Michael Kaldawi

Michael Kaldawi
Marketing Co-Coordinator, HackUTD, Association for Computing Machinery at UTD

Judging Criteria

  • HackUTD Top 3
    Your project will be judged on uniqueness, complexity, coolness, and impact. Uniqueness - Is there anything else like it? Complexity - How much effort was put forth? Coolness - Does it make us go "wow"? Impact - Would people use it?
  • Best UX Hack
    Your project will be judged on the experience it provides its users. How much effort was put into its user interface & user experience?
  • Weeb Hacks
    Your project will be judged based on the following - How weeby is it? How technically difficult was it? Would a weeaboo use it? How many? Was it weeaboo-tested and certified?